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#CountChoice on Giving Hearts Day

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There is no shortage of passion throughout the hallways of Choice Financial. Team members are passionate about all kinds of things; from helping farmers during a drought to making sure a business has the tools to prosper to unicorns (OK, maybe that is just Staci in accounting).

For Giving Hearts Day, Choice Financial matched team member’s donations for the causes they are most passionate about (up to a predetermined amount).

Here are a couple of examples of the non-profits our team members supported and why they are passionate about them.

Amy’s Passion for 4 Luv of Dog

Jordy, the face that forever changed Amy's life.
Jordy, the face that forever changed Amy’s life.

Amy Linstaedt, Mortgage Loan Originator, describes why she is so passionate about 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, “Two years ago, I went to the 4 Luv of Dog website and saw a face that would forever change my life. I started the adoption process and the volunteers at 4 Luv of Dog were so kind and wonderful to work with. Through their hard work and selflessness, so many dogs are saved and find their forever home. As a thank you for what those volunteers did to change my life, I support the organization in any way I can. My contributions may be small at times, so with Choice matching my donation on Giving Hearts Day, I knew that I could make a bigger difference.”

Megan’s Passion for Harlynn’s Heart

Megan and Jeremy at the beginning of their journey
Megan and Jeremy at the beginning of their journey

Megan Sorenson, a Client Services Associate in our Wealth Management department, has a personal connection with Harlynn’s Heart, an organization that helps families cope with the loss of a child. Harlynn’s Heart helped Megan and her husband Jeremy through a very tough time in their lives after losing a child to miscarriage. “It is an extremely difficult thing to deal with or talk about, so being able to share with people who have had similar experiences was the best thing for me.” You can read more about Megan and Jeremy’s journey here. You might want to have some tissues handy though.

The Results

Passion is so important at Choice Financial that it is even represented in one of our core values, “Smile, be helpful and be passionate.” All in all, 132 team members supported their passion by making over 230 donations totaling $10,287! Wow. That is a lot of passionate team members putting  PeopleFirst. Choice’s matching dollars boosted that total to $16,227.
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