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Alyssa loves working with her students, but her progressive hearing loss has made it difficult to connect with them like she used to.

The Gift of Hearing

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As an elementary school counselor at the Hamlin School District in South Dakota, Alyssa is dedicated to serving her students and works closely with them every day. A big part of her job is to listen to her students, hearing their stories, and understanding how they feel. For some students speaking up comes easily and for others, it can take a lot of courage to share what they’re thinking.

Over the years, Alyssa has suffered from progressive hearing loss, making it difficult for her to hear and connect with her students. She found herself asking them to repeat themselves more and more often. And after multiple doctor visits and several unsuccessful surgeries, Alyssa had to accept the fact that she might lose her hearing completely in the future.

Knowing how much her students meant to her, Alyssa’s mother-in-law, LaVonne Mittleider, decided to enlist the help of the Choice Bank Wishing Well program to give back to someone who gives so much.

Here is Alyssa’s story.


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