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We are so excited about these new wishes from our Wishing Well program that remind us of the importance of giving back to our neighbors.

Making Wishes Come True

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Fargo Choice employees surprised Nicole with funds for running equipment as she works toward her goal of running a half marathon following a traumatic brain injury.

Lace Up Those Running Shoes

In February 2022, Nicole Turchin was grocery shopping when she suddenly collapsed. She was rushed by ambulance to Sanford Medical Center. Upon admittance, the care team uncovered a blood clot in her brain and multiple skull fractures from the collapse.  Nicole also sustained a major concussion. After spending several days in the hospital, she was released home and began a long-term care plan as a traumatic brain injury patient, which included working with the neurology team at Mayo Clinic.

Through consistent appointments, multiple therapies, and support from friends and family, Nicole’s traumatic brain injury recovery continues. Nicole’s full recovery is anticipated to last into the latter part of 2023, however, her medical bills will continue to increase as appointments and therapy continue.

Nicole had set a goal of running the Fargo Half Marathon this spring, so the Wishing Well surprised her with a gift card to a local running supply store.

“An important part of my rebuilding involved running this year’s Fargo half-marathon that I had to miss last year due to my injuries,” Nicole said. “Being a recipient of this gesture is a reminder that people always come first and that a little thoughtfulness, intention, and kindness can make a huge difference in a person’s life.”


Two women hold a giant check
Angie Haugen (left) presents Mindy with funds for travel expenses as she commutes for medical treatments.

Saving a Smile

Mindy is a hardworking, loving, giving mother of two in Ellendale, North Dakota. After going to the dentist for a chipped tooth, the dentist found a large mass on her upper jawbone spanning gums above 8 to 9 teeth and pushing into her sinus cavity. The dentist sent her to a specialist where she had a biopsy done that determined it was a cyst caused either by a tooth or a nerve that runs from her nose to the roof of her mouth.

The surgeon didn’t know at this stage if they would be able to save her teeth after the cyst is removed. She will be in for a very painful surgery to remove the cyst, and possibly more surgeries to remove teeth and put in implants.

For someone like Mindy who has helped put a smile on so many community members, we want to do our part in helping save her smile. To help ease some of the financial burden, the Wishing Well provided Mindy with $1,000 for gasoline, groceries, and other travel expenses as she commutes for treatment.


two women in day care center
Jane Karczeuski (right) surprised the staff and Junior’s Center for Children with lunch.

Caring for the Community

Navigating the child care industry through a global pandemic has been an extreme challenge for care providers. For Junior’s Center for Children in Fargo, ND, the past year has been especially tough. Two of the facilities teachers, Lucia and Shelley, unexpectedly passed away. Lucia was tragically shot and killed. Shelley had a minor infection that went untreated and led to her passing. Shelley had been at Junior’s since the day they opened almost 15 years ago and is a huge loss. Shelley was the main Pre-K teacher and organized the Christmas and spring concerts at the daycare. Lucia had been at the daycare for about a year and had such a calming presence with the kids.

“Both of these teachers had a huge impact on the kids, parents, their co-workers, and our community,” Choice employee Jane Karczeuski said. Jane’s daughter goes to Junior’s for child care.

Jane felt the urge to do something to support the staff at Junior’s. With funds from the Wishing Well, Jane purchased the entire Junior’s Child Care staff lunch to show her appreciation not only for their commitment to caring for and loving these children, but for continuing to do so tirelessly even in the face of tragedy.

“They’re forming these little people,” Jane said of the staff. “It means so much that after the days and years, you’re making them into productive members of society.”


Family sits on grassy hillside

Spreading Generosity

Lance and Rachel have a growing family of five children with another baby on the way. Lance and Rachel lost their home and farming operation through an awful fraudulent scam three years ago. The strain the situation put on the family caused stress-induced hearing loss in one ear for Lance. Lance was recently approved for a cochlear implant at Mayo Clinic and needs to make several trips to Mayo for surgery and follow-up.

Choice employee Amy Ebensteiner heard Lance and Rachel’s story from her parents. She knew that Lance and Rachel’s family had always been compassionate and eager to help others and she wanted to find a way to give back to them.

Through the Wishing Well, Amy gave Lance and Rachel funds for gas and groceries to support their resilient family in the challenges that lay ahead.


Wishing well coin

The Choice Bank Wishing Well is accepting wishes! Ready to cast yours? Visit and let us know who you would like to help out in your community.

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