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Trent Anderson and his parents Joseph Rohrich Jr. and Nita Rohrich stopping into the Choice Bank location in Steele for a surprise.

Going the Distance

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For many who deal with medical needs, it is often a challenging experience that takes a lot of time and energy to manage. Add medical expenses and trips to the hospital on top of that and it can be a stressful time for everyone involved.

So when Trent Anderson came across an online post about Choice Bank’s Wishing Well program towards the end of October, he knew he had to give it a shot.

For the past year, Trent’s parents, Joseph Rohrich Jr. and Nita Rohrich, have been making the long trek from Dawson to Bismarck, ND three times a week to attend Joseph’s dialysis. It’s 100 miles round trip, a lot of time spent in the car, and the cost of gas adds up quick. Knowing this, Trent typed out a quick message and submitted his wish.

He wrote: “I wish my parents, Joseph Rohrich Jr. and Nita Rohrich, could get some help for gas to go back and forth to dialysis. Any help with their fuel costs would help relieve some of their stress.”

A couple of months went by, and Trent didn’t think too much about it until he got a call from Robin Rewald, a Personal Banker at Choice.

“Hi, Trent. This is Robin from Choice Bank. Remember when you put in a wish a while back? Well, I’m happy to share that we’d like to grant your wish!”

“For real?” Trent responded, pure disbelief in his voice. He’d nearly forgotten he’d submitted it!

Together they worked out a plan to surprise his parents who also happened to be longtime customers at Choice. And on a Friday afternoon not long after that, Trent convinced Joseph and Nita to pay a visit to the Choice Bank location in Steele, ND where they were greeted by Robin and presented with $300 worth of gas cards.

As Joseph and Nita spent some time visiting with familiar Choice faces, Trent recalled that he didn’t expect for his wish to be granted when he hit the submit button. In fact, at the time he remembers thinking: “Oh what the heck. Why not try?”. You never know what could happen!