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With our Scratch ‘n Sniff debit cards, every transaction is an olfactory adventure.

Choice Bank Releases Scratch-and-Sniff Debit Cards

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Smell is humans’ most powerful sense. Being closely connected with memory, one smell can rouse memories of people and places long forgotten. Choice Bank’s new Scratch ‘n Sniff debit cards will transport you to those places you miss most with just one breath.
Try our aromatic cards with scents including:

  • Bison Tailgating, with base notes of candied almonds and freshly grilled hot dogs
  • Minnesota State Fair, where you can take in the smells of cheese curd grease and the musk of the 4H barns
  • Wanderlust, for those longing for air travel complete with the aroma of day-old pretzels and hints of ginger ale and body odor
  • Choice Bank Signature, includes the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and printer ink.

Each aroma is meticulously curated and created by classically trained perfumers. With our Scratch ‘n Sniff debit cards, every transaction and every scratch is an olfactory adventure.



This is an April Fools joke. Scratch and sniff debit cards do not exist. Please do not scratch your debit cards. You may damage the plastic.

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