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Choice Launches Pet Checking Account!

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Fargo, ND – April 1, 2016Choice Financial, a people-first community bank with locations in North Dakota and Minnesota, is excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking advancement in the financial services industry. Long-known as a forward-thinking, people’s bank, Choice Financial has decided to take customer care to a new level with checking accounts for pets. Starting on April 1, pet owners will be able to open checking accounts for their furry, feathered, or scale-covered friends.

Sharon Karsky, a lead developer of the pet checking accounts, disclosed the inspiration behind the idea, “For many people, Rover or Whiskers is just another member of the family. Why not give our customers a tool to provide their pet with a more stable financial future? Which is something that we all want for the ones we love. That’s the whole idea behind offering checking accounts for pets; we want to be there for our customers – our communities. We want to show that we care, and that we will do what it takes to support the lifestyle of our clients.” Choice Financial, a bank that is at the forefront of innovative banking, is not afraid to push boundaries. Where other banks offer ‘frees,’ and boringly traditional checking accounts, Choice Financial offers substance and a proactive philosophy that provides bank customers with supportive financial solutions, as well as ‘frees’ and more checking, savings, and money market account possibilities than your pet goldfish can count.

The pet checking accounts come with all the great features customers should expect from a caring community bank. No minimum balance, a small $25 minimum opening deposit, easy online banking, and animal friendly customer service. Pets will love having their own debit card, offered in captivating themes that animals love, including ‘dog bone,’ ‘bowl of milk,’ and ‘fish flakes.’ For pets who have a $500 opening deposit, Choice Financial offers a premium checking account option, which includes competitive interest rates on balances and one free toy from Pets R’ Inn,* the Fargo area’s premier pet care shop.

“Pet health insurance has been around for years, and it has been a very successful – and practical – tool for pet owners. It is time that a financial institution stood up and offered pet checking accounts. In fact, I’m surprised no other bank has done it before, and I’m incredibly proud to work at the first community bank, probably in the world, to offer pet checking accounts to their customers,” divulged Karsky.

Sharon Karsky, who has been working at Choice Financial since 2004, and a team of seven other account administrators, executives, and customer care specialists worked on the nuts and bolts for the checking accounts. The pet account development team members were handpicked for their commitment to excellence in banking and acumen for the financial needs of animals. The checking accounts will be available for all types of pets including dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds, and snakes. The only creature that will not be eligible for a personal checking account is the gecko. The team at Choice Financial felt that for geckos, checking accounts just didn’t make any sense.

Choice Financial is a forward-thinking financial services organization that remains locally owned and built around long-term customers relationships, well rounded products and services, and authentic community banking. The launch of checking accounts for pets is just the latest feature offered to clients as Choice Financial continues to lead the way in helping individuals and businesses reach their financial goals and beyond.

To learn more about pet checking accounts, contact Choice Financial.




*not an actual business.

Happy April 1st Everyone!


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