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Choice Bank partners with Cloudcase to drive growth in $1T+ Agriculture Financing Industry

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Choice Bank partnered with Cloudcase US, Inc. (‘Cloudcase’) to configure its digital agriculture supplier origination platform. Choice Bank’s Team now manages the full origination process in real-time from application to fulfillment; the platform includes a configurable experience for each of Choice Bank’s Ag Supplier Partners.

Agriculture finance is one of the next growth areas of financial technology; it is no surprise Choice Bank — an agriculture financing leader and pioneering BaaS bank — took an innovative approach to service farmers better and accelerate growth of its ag business. “We are constantly working and getting feedback from farmers, to help provide better solutions for the next generation of farmers. Our goal is to make the process as efficient as possible without losing our #PeopleFirst approach. Without a doubt, this technology and approach sets us apart from our competitors.”, said Brian P. Johnson, Choice’s Executive Director of Banking & Business Development.

By digitizing the entire ag supplier process, including system integrations, Choice Bank’s Team can remain focused on servicing farmers, supporting Ag Supplier partners, and accelerating growth of the business. “Farmers come to us for advice and guidance. Often, our bankers are seen as some sort of counselor, providing resources, knowledge, and tools for them to operate successfully. This technology is a natural extension of that.”, said Tony Gudajtes, head of Choice’s Ag Banking Division.

The new origination platform was built in partnership with Cloudcase, an Australian financial technology company operating in U.S. since 2021.

Cloudcase’s configurable platform allowed Choice Bank’s Ag Team to deploy a real-time origination experience that meet’s their customer & staff needs, coordinates supporting systems, and continuously deliver process updates.

“Cloudcase is delighted to support Choice’s innovative lending initiative, bringing our broad international experience to U.S. Market. Choice Bank’s dedication to stakeholder experience is reflected in how they use Cloudcase to make Ag Lending simpler, faster, and better. Cloudcase strips friction out of the originations process making it highly efficient for Choice’s customers, team, and partners.”, said Cloudcase President and CEO, Roger Manu.


About Cloudcase Software Solutions

Cloudcase Software Solutions was founded in 2015 to make enterprise software simpler, faster, and better for financial institutions – Accelerating Time-to-Yes for the most complex banking process. Since 2015, financial institution have successfully deployed over 50 different use cases including retail and commercial loan originations; mortgage originations; retail, commercial, and private bank onboarding; payments operations; and back-office processes among many more.


About Choice Bank

Choice Bank provides innovative financial solutions with a People First approach. We are a supportive team of trusted partners built around long-term customer relationships, well-rounded products and services, and authentic community banking. With Choice’s expansion into the financial technology industry, the bank began providing Baas sponsor services to companies globally.

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