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Wishing Well Wrap-Up

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Children listen to woman read book
Donna Bourcy reads to the daycare children from one of their new books.

Caring for the Community

Wendy is an in-home daycare provider in Moorhead, Minnesota, known in the community for being a compassionate and giving neighbor. After a tragic fire caused significant damage to her home and daycare supplies, Choice Insurance Advisor Donna Bourcy sent in a wish to our Wishing Well to help cover some of the expenses wrought by the fire’s destruction.

“Wendy is a very loving person and giving person,” Donna said. “I knew that anything to make her feel that our community cares for her would be appreciated.”

We knew we had to do something to help Wendy through this difficult time, so the Wishing Well replaced the daycare’s toys and books that were lost in the fire. When we went to Wendy’s home to present the children with their new toys, smiles and excitement quickly came over them. Some of the children exclaimed, “It’s like Christmas!” We were so honored to provide some support for Wendy through a difficult time and also provide her with the resources to create an enriching and fun environment for the children she cares for.


two smiling women
Elisha Ferguson (left) presented her cousin Cassidy Domres with gas funds for her trips to treatment.

A Brave Battle

Personal Banker Elisha Ferguson sent in a wish for her cousin Cassidy who is beginning her battle against cancer. After accidentally being poked in the eye, Cassidy began experiencing pain and blurry vision in her eye. An optometrist sent her to get an MRI where a doctor found a tumor behind her eye pushing on her optic nerve. Cassidy and her family have approached this diagnosis with bravery and positivity.

“To be up against that and to have a child young and remaining calm and diligent, it’s been something really hard to watch but also something really beautiful,” Elisha said on Cassidy’s courageous battle.

Cassidy began going through chemo, surgery, and radiation treatment to aggressively treat this cancer. Cassidy is receiving these treatments in Rochester, Minnesota, which means long hours on the road for her and her family driving from Langdon, North Dakota. The Wishing Well gave Cassidy gift cards to cover gas expenses and a gift basket with toys and activities for her son, Kason, to keep busy with in the car.

“I’ve remained positive because I have a good support system to help with Kason,” Cassidy said. “Also, I have a great team that has seen this cancer and is aggressively treating it. I also know that my attitude, positivity, faith, and will are what’s going to get me through this.”

There will be a benefit for Cassidy Domres on October 15 at 4 PM at the Legion in Hope, North Dakota.


Two women in front of a fridge
Choice Bank’s Niki Pahl presents Crest Miller of the Ellendale post-prom committee with a new refrigerator.

A Fridge for Fundraising

In many communities, the concession stand by the football field and track is more than just a place to get a snack under the stadium lights, but is also a fundraising opportunity for student groups. The post-prom committee in Ellendale, North Dakota, regularly sells concessions on game nights and was in need of a new refrigerator.

The concession stand is one of the primary fundraising sources that support the Ellendale post-prom committee and other student groups. Besides just being a fundraising vehicle, the concession stand brings community members and students together and financially supports student opportunities. The Choice Bank Wishing Well stepped in and gave the Ellendale community a new fridge so students could continue to support the organizations they are involved in well into the future.


Adults give girl stuffed animal
Choice employees Baoka Vang, Amber Determan, and Dan McCarvel present Therese and her family with a wish.

Leaving a Paws-itive Impact

Therese Shultzenberg is a member of Choice Bank’s Adventure Club program, which teaches savings basics and instills financial responsibility in our young savings account holders. Adventure Club members receive a birthday card from Choice that contains a $2 bill and a little slip about the Wishing Well program. Therese saved the $2 bill in her piggy bank (way to go!) and she asked her dad, Tom, to send in her wish for a puppy.

The Wishing Well didn’t get a puppy, but we still wanted to recognize Therese for being such a responsible saver. So, we decided to get Therese a stuffed animal of her favorite dog and donate to a local Bloomington, Minnesota, animal shelter in her name. Therese even brought the donation check to the animal shelter herself to see firsthand the impact of giving back to the community.

Children at animal shelter
Therese and her siblings donated her wish to the local St. Francis Animal Shelter.

Wishing well coin

The Choice Bank Wishing Well is accepting wishes! Ready to cast yours? Visit and let us know who you would like to help out in your community.

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