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Alex's ability to be a part of the community was being hindered due to not having a suitable stroller.

The Gift of Mobility and Community Inclusion

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Natalie Hackney provides respite care for 11-year-old Alex, who has autism and is non-verbal. Natalie and Alex’s occupational therapist work to set goals for him to be involved in community events and outings with his family. When out on these adventures, Alex utilizes a stroller to help him navigate.

But Alex recently outgrew his stroller and needed a new one. His ability and right to be a part of the community were being hindered due to not having a suitable stroller.

“He is non-verbal and at times can be a runner,” Natalie said. “We need this stroller so that he can participate and be included in outings in a safe manner.”

To compliment Alex’s adventurous lifestyle, the Choice Bank Wishing Well got Alex a new stroller that even has all-terrain tires and floats in the water.

“He LOVES to be in the water!” Natalie said. “This stroller is great for him to have so that he can safely enjoy being in the water with his mom and siblings without his mom having to worry if something is going to happen to him.”

Alex’s siblings play soccer at the Dickinson recreational center during the summer and he likes to attend their games. The all-terrain tires will also make it so much easier for his mom, Kristy, to be able to push him through the grass and gravel to get him down to the soccer field so that he can watch his siblings play.

“This was a complete surprise for Alex and Kristy,” said Abbie Pedeliski, Choice Bank Business Loan Servicing Specialist. “It warmed all our hearts to see the excitement and pure gratitude on Kristy’s face when she saw the new stroller. Alex sat in the stroller and was immediately comfortable and did not want to get out. We know that Alex and his family will be able to enjoy a lot more time outside and have some more freedom to take some trips.”

We are so blessed to be able to give Alex the mobility he deserves to continue to get so much enjoyment from life!

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