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Our Wishing Well program granted more wishes across our communities!

Sparking Joy and Granting Wishes

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Sharing Confidence Through Mixed Martial Arts

The Arts Martial Arts Studio

At The Art Martial Arts Studio in Maplewood, Minnesota, Jake Erling teaches students what to do to protect themselves if they find themselves in a bad situation, how to handle a bully, or even how to help someone in need in our community. As a martial arts instructor, Jake Erling has always wanted to be able to provide classes to anyone who is interested, regardless of their financial situation.

“Both of my kids have gained self-confidence, calmness, and a love of physical health because of his program,” said Leslie Doyle, who sent a wish to our Wishing Well to fund a scholarship to Jake’s martial arts studio. “Through the time we have been going to the studio, we have experienced first-hand not only what a discipline like MMA has done for us, but what it has done for other people. Mr. Jake welcomes all into his studio, but has a special way with kids that have physical or mental challenges, many on the autism spectrum.”

We are so excited that this wish will allow Jake to fulfill his dream of starting a scholarship program for those in need! Choice Bank gave The Art Martial Arts Studio $2,000 dollars to establish a scholarship program for anyone, whether that’s a child lacking the financial resources to enroll or a student currently enrolled that would benefit from more classes. Jake has already left a lasting impact on the lives of many students and we’re so proud to help him reach even more students with his positive message.


Paying it Forward

West Fargo Wishing Well

One thing that is a huge inspiration for us is seeing others take the initiative to make their community a better place. That’s why when this wish came in from Cheney Middle School in West Fargo, North Dakota, we were more than excited to grant it.

Hollyanne Duda and Sam Isane are co-advisors of the student council at Cheney Middle School. Each year, their student council finds a way to become involved in the community by finding and assisting in areas of need. This year, the president and vice president proposed the idea of making blankets for the hospitals in the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area. With COVID still so prevalent, the hospitals have run out and need more for patients who are having long-term stays.

We surprised Hollyanne, Sam, and their students with a gift card to a local fabric store to purchase fabric for these blankets. It’s wonderful seeing these young students take an active role in their community and pay it forward to support our local healthcare workers. We know our future is in good hands with them around.


Getting Started on the Right Foot

Ellendale Wishing Well

We were so excited to help Jerrie in Ellendale, North Dakota, who suffers from Charcot foot. Charcot foot affects the bones, joints, and soft tissues of the foot and ankle. The bones become weak and can break and the joints in the foot or ankle can dislocate, making it very difficult to walk. This causes significant discomfort and challenges to daily life. Just think of how much time you spend on your feet each day.

For Jerrie, Charcot foot took away her ability to bend her toes to create balance and stability. She wears a special shoe that helps comfort her foot and provides stability so she can walk. However, she was in need of a new shoe, so her husband sent us his wish.

We wanted to do something to help Jerrie and ease the pain she works through daily. So, we surprised Jerrie with a brand new shoe!

“It just makes me able to walk and to be able to take care of my grandson and just be able to do daily things such as dishes, laundry,” Jerrie said.

We hope this shoe provides Jerrie with the mobility she deserves to live her life to the fullest!


Home Is Where the Heart Is     

Wishing Well Schwartzenberger

At their 20-week ultrasound, Megan and Jonah Schwartzenberger discovered that their baby’s left ventricle was significantly smaller than it should be. The baby would need surgery a short time after being born. So, at 36 weeks, Megan left her husband and two children in Bismarck to go to Mayo Clinic alone so that she and her baby would have the best possible care when she delivered.

Baby Jennings was born on November 16 and the rest of the Schwartzenberger family was able to make the trip to Rochester, Minnesota, to be with him as he faced his first heart surgery. Now the family is all home together in Bismarck.

Our Senior Mortgage Loans Operations Specialist Shania Nieuwsma submitted a wish to our Wishing Well to help them prepare for the long road ahead of them as Jennings faces future surgeries to keep his little heart strong. The Wishing Well gave the Schwartzenbergers funds for groceries and cleaning services for their home so they can spend this valuable time together as a family.

Wishing well coin

The Choice Bank Wishing Well is accepting wishes! Ready to cast yours? Visit and let us know who you would like to help out in your community.

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