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The LaMoure Volunteer Fire Department had been using the same safety helmets for 30 years—until one generous community member cast a big wish.

Safer Equipment, Safer Community

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Volunteer fire departments are one of the greatest symbols of small-town living. Every day, brave men and women of all different ages, careers, and interests come together around a common purpose: keeping their community safe.

And when these organizations are in need, their communities step up to help them.

Such was the case in LaMoure, a community in southeast North Dakota with a population of just under 800 people—30 of whom belong to the LaMoure Volunteer Fire Department. They are a passionate group, but unfortunately, like many small departments, they do not always have the necessary funding for new equipment.

Last year, we discovered that the department had been using the same helmets for 30 years.

Last year, we discovered that the department had been using the same helmets for 30 years. They were showing obvious signs of wear and becoming obsolete. While the department could see that the helmets were no longer safe for their volunteers, the price to replace them—approximately $335 per helmet—was insurmountable.

For all of us at Choice, this was a personal concern. Not only do we have a location in LaMoure, but one of our teammates—Gaige Dunn—is a member of the department.

We were worried about the safety of these brave individuals who give so much to protect our community. So when a wish came in requesting funds to purchase the LaMoure Volunteer Fire Department 30 new helmets, we knew it was our chance to give back.

In February 2020, Choice Bank presented LaMoure Volunteer Fire Department Treasurer Davy Bellin with a check for $11,429.82. With these funds, the department can finally afford new helmets for all 30 volunteers.

Choice Bank’s roots are deep in small towns like LaMoure, and that’s why it’s a priority for us to preserve the institutions that make them great. By protecting the volunteers of the LaMoure Fire Department, we can ensure that this great symbol of small-town living is safe and secure for years to come.

The Choice Bank Wishing Well is accepting wishes! Ready to cast yours? Visit and let us know who you would like to help out in your community.

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