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Choice Financial Named #1 Egg Lender in ND

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In an un-egg-spected announcement that has local media stumbling over phonetics, Choice Financial was named North Dakota’s #1 Egg Lender on April 1, 2017. Not to be confused with “Ag”, or Agriculture, the bank announced that they have been egg lending for quite some time now.



“Ever since we hatched, we’ve always been an egg bank,” said Steve Jesme, certified egg lender with Choice Financial. “We know how important egg is to North Dakota, and that’s why it’s so important to Choice Financial.”


The service has proven popular, Jesme said — adding that equinox, when chickens lay more frequently, is “kinda like the Superbowl for us.” In fact, many customers, including Choice Financial employees, lend large amounts of eggs for egg balancing competitions.


“Ever since we hatched, we’ve always been an egg bank.”

That said, the fragile products are not always returned in proper condition, Jesme said. For example, some eggs are returned cracked and mended with duct tape.


“That’s why egg insurance is so important,” he said.


In the future, Choice Financial looks forward to being North Dakota’s #1 Ag – excuse me – Egg Lender for years to come.


“I think we’re in an egg-cellent position to keep this moving forward,” Jesme said.

Happy April 1st Everyone!