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Taking Care of Business Series

Protect Your Business From Check and ACH Fraud

Tuesday, February 7 | 12:00 PM CT

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What You’ll Learn

Fraud continues to be on the rise and it’s no longer a matter of if you experience it, but rather when. It has become increasingly important to proactively protect your account. Join Choice Bank’s Amber Determan and Celine Paulson to learn about how fraudsters are stealing information today and how you can protect your business from check and ACH fraud.


Amber Determan
VP Cash Management Officer, Choice Bank

Amber Determan, VP Cash Management Officer of Choice Bank has over 10 years of banking experience. Since joining Choice in 2020, Amber has partnered with business clients in simplifying the way they do banking. She assists clients in managing their cash flow while educating them on how to protect their business from fraud.

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Celine Paulson
VP Cash Management Officer, Choice Bank

Celine Paulson is an alumna of North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND, and has over 6 years of banking experience. Since joining Choice in 2020, Celine has helped business clients create a strategy for their payables and receivables to maximize their working capital and has shared education on fraud prevention techniques.

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