Timeless Treasures

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We all have special places; places that we hold dear to our heart because of the way they make us feel or the memories they hold. Cabins are no exception. Filled with stories and love, some have been passed down from generation to generation like a precious time capsule—a timeless treasure.


Emily Wieck—Lake Metigoshe, Bottineau, ND

“Reading the words ‘lake cabin’ transports me to childhood summers of packing up the whole family (dogs included), and making the 9-hour trek to our family cabin, built in 1934. It conjures memories of an old green cabin filled with decades-old treasures, an old outhouse cleared of spider webs for us to explore, lack of running water-necessitating boiled water pumped from the lake to wash dishes, and

counting out the exact change needed to buy an ice cream cone at the Lake Metigoshe Drive-In. If those walls could speak, they would tell stories of children dancing to songs played on a 1915 windup phonograph, memories made without the distraction of TV or internet, and dozens of smiles, declaring aloud that this little old cabin is their ‘favorite place on this earth.'”

My sister and I sneaking in some early morning cuddles with Grandma at our family cabin, circa 1993.


Brent Thielges—Twin Lakes, LaMoure, ND

“My family and I have loved lake life for as long as I can remember, so when the opportunity arose we hired a house mover to pick up our 2 ½ story home (originally built as a farm house in the 1880s) and moved it to a quiet lake near where I grew up and first learned to water ski as a young boy. Living on the lake full-time never gets old. You can decide to boat, fish, jet ski, or kayak on a whim. The sunrises and sunsets are absolutely amazing and never taken for granted.”

My oldest son water skiing on the same lake I learned on.