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Responding to a Cyber Attack

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Throughout October we’ve shared tips and provided overviews of various schemes to help protect you and your business. However, sometimes even the best defenses can fall short and that’s why having a response plan in place is critical. Here is a great overview from Stay Safe Online that covers what your policy should aim to accomplish.

Have an Incident Response Plan

Being prepared to respond in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner will reduce risks to your business and send a positive signal to your customers and employees. Therefore, planning for a response is critical.

You will need to be ready to:

  • Resolve the problem (e.g., fix your network, restore data)
  • Identify what’s been lost and who has been impacted
  • Continue operations while problems are fixed
  • Communicate with stakeholders (e.g., customers, employees and perhaps the general public)
  • Comply with applicable laws and reporting
  • Report to appropriate agencies


For additional cybersecurity tips and resources check out our Cyber Security Resources page.