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10,200 Notes of Thanks

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You are cruising down Main Street. Your favorite song of the moment begins playing and you start bobbing your head to the beat.  You might even start singing a line or two. Suddenly, a police car is tailing you. You tense up and immediately look at your speedometer. Your blood pressure rises. Is your seatbelt on? Did you make a full stop at the last stop sign?  All you want is for the squad car to turn.


This is the reaction police officers get all too often, avoidance. But it shouldn’t be.


Police officers serve the communities that we love with passion and pride. They provide us with safety and ease of mind.  Police put their lives on the line every day, so that we don’t have to. These are the things we should be remembering every time we see an officer.


It is with that thought in mind in which we put together a plan to show our thanks for the work and sacrifice police officers selflessly put into our communities. For National Police Week, everyone at Choice Financial decided to collect notes of gratitude and post them where officers would see them. We collected over 10,200 post it notes with words of admiration, appreciation and thanks.  We gathered notes that said things like “We ♡ you”, “Thank you for being there”, and “You are the bomb (squad)”. We plastered the notes on more than a dozen squad cars, police stations and courthouses across North Dakota and into Minnesota (with permission of course). Some of our communities even delivered donuts, gift baskets and high fives. But our people first enthusiasm wouldn’t let this message stop with National Police Week. We also featured local law enforcement at our recent Go Hawaiian for Hospice event as guest celebrities.


Next time you see an officer, don’t avoid them, appreciate them and all they give of themselves for the community. Treat them like the heroes that they are.