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Every day, people in our communities face challenges that go unseen. Our Wishing Well program betters the places we live by giving to those most in need.

One Wish at a Time

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Waters Family Cafe
Waters Family Café

Cafés serve as the heart of our rural communities as a gathering place for friends, neighbors, and families. As a bank with roots in rural North Dakota, we recognize the importance of having these informal meeting spaces and supporting small businesses.

So when the Wishing Well received a wish in Walhalla, ND, from a local community member who expressed the need for an ice machine at the Waters Family Café, we stepped up to make this wish come true.

“This café is a meeting place for many,” Travis Berg, Walhalla Choice Bank Location President, said. “The owners work hard and do a lot for our community.”

The new ice machine from Choice will be invaluable to the café on busy days when there is a large influx of customers, ensuring that they can continue to provide excellent service and make a welcoming space for patrons.


20/20 Vision

Irene is an incredibly active 97-year-old member of the Steele, ND, community. She’s known for the huge garden she grows in the summer, getting up at 5 in the morning to begin working on it and then staying up until 11 to crochet blankets. Many of us wish we had the same amount of energy as her!

Recently, Irene faced a challenging decision between fixing her teeth or getting new glasses, as her budget allowed for just one of these vital needs. She chose to prioritize her dental health by fixing her teeth but expressed the desire to save up for much-needed new glasses.

Recognizing Irene’s limited budget and her need for clear vision, Choice Bank employee Val Leier stepped in to grant her wish. Val and the Steele Choice Bank location presented Irene with a pair of prescription glasses, ensuring that she can continue to engage in her active lifestyle with improved clarity and comfort.


Choice employees
Courtney (center) is a cousin of Jesse and Missy and is organizing the fundraiser for the couple’s adoption costs.

Bringing Baby Home

Couple Jesse and Missy have been on a challenging journey to start a family and are turning to adoption to fulfill their dreams. Facing the considerable financial burden that comes with adoption costs projected to be over $40,000, their friends and family rallied together to organize a silent auction fundraiser and also sent us a wish.

Choice Bank granted their wish with a generous donation and a thoughtfully crafted grill-out basket for the silent auction.

Jesse and Missy’s determination to build their family and care for a child through adoption is a testament to their unwavering hope and resilience. We were so happy to help support them achieve their dream of bringing a baby home.


A Resilient Mother

The Wishing Well program recently extended its heartfelt support to Jayme, a courageous stay-at-home mom with two young children, aged 2 and 8 months. Jayme’s life took an unexpected turn when she was rushed to the emergency room with severe chest pain, only to discover a football-sized mass in her chest. Her journey led her to Mayo Clinic, where she received the devastating diagnosis of Ewing Sarcoma, a highly aggressive form of cancer.

Facing a grueling treatment regimen that includes 14 rounds of chemotherapy and surgery, Jayme must make frequent trips to Rochester or Fargo, with her fiancée, Cole, providing invaluable support during these trying times. To ease the burden on their shoulders, we presented Jayme with a thoughtful care package and funds to cover gas expenses on her trips for treatment, recognizing the financial strain brought about by medical appointments and the necessity of daycare for her children.

It’s important for us as community members to support individuals and families facing significant health challenges. Jayme’s journey is marked by resilience and the power of community, and we are wishing her all the best on this difficult journey.

Wishing well coin

The Choice Bank Wishing Well is accepting wishes! Ready to cast yours? Visit and let us know who you would like to help out in your community.

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