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A Simpler Way to Pay

Contactless Cards have arrived at Choice Bank! Our Consumer, HSA, Business, and VIP Debit Cards are now available with contactless technology to make paying at a contactless terminal as easy as tap and go.

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What is Contactless Tap to Pay?

Contactless Tap to Pay allows you to make purchases by tapping your contactless debit card on a contactless-enabled payment terminal. Payments are processed using short-range proximity technology to securely complete transactions between a contactless card and a contactless-enabled checkout terminal. These transactions are as secure as using the EMV chip on your card, and your payment is processed without having to touch a keypad or hand your debit card to a cashier.

If your card has a contactless symbol on the front or the back, you can use it to pay at any terminal that has the contactless symbol at checkout.

How do I use my Contactless Card?

Step 1


Look for the contactless symbol at checkout.

Step 2


When prompted, hold your card within 1-2 inches of the terminal for a few seconds.

Step 3


Your payment is securely processed within seconds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Contactless Tap to Pay?

You can use Contactless Tap to Pay at major retailers, pharmacies, grocery stores, restaurants, and more — just look for the contactless payment symbol at the payment terminal. If a store doesn’t have contactless checkout terminals, you can still swipe or insert your contactless debit card like any other card.

Is Contactless Tap to Pay safe?

Yes. Contactless Tap to Pay is just as secure as payments made with chip cards. A one-time code is sent to the payment terminal when you make a contactless payment. This method is extremely effective at reducing counterfeit fraud. The one-time transaction code is a substitute for your actual card number, making it harder for your debit card number to be stolen.

Contactless payment terminals are designed to operate at very short ranges – less than 1-2 inches – so you need to make a deliberate effort to present the card to initiate payment.

Can I upgrade my Choice Business Debit Card?

Yes, this card is still in testing but will be launched soon. Check back here for updates.

Can I still pay using the EMV chip or swiping?

Yes, you can still pay via the EMV chip by inserting your card or swiping using the magnetic strip.

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