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July 27, 2022 via Choice Happenings

New Statement and Notice Formats

Throughout the year, a team at Choice has been creating new digital versions of our statements and notices, as well as updating the look and feel of the existing print versions. The new digital versions will provide customers with the information they need in a clear, digestible, and interactive format that also includes new tools to get further detail or connect directly to Choice people resources if needed. Updates to both print and digital statements and notices will occur on a phased basis over Q3 and Q4. We will use this internal-only blog page to ensure teams are kept updated on our progress and when they can expect changes to occur.



July 7, 2022 via Email

New and Improved Ways for Customers to Interact with Choice Coming Soon!

As we enter the second half of 2022 and continue our journey towards remaining 1 of 300 relevant U.S. banks by 2030, it’s exciting to take stock of the many ongoing initiatives driving this journey forward and enabling us to continue to achieve recognition as a leading #PeopleFirst Partner. One of the strategic pillars supporting our journey to 1 of 300 is strengthening our customer relationships through enhanced products and delivery of services. We know our customers’ needs and expectations continue to evolve, and we will succeed at meeting these needs and expectations in the continuous enhancement of our products and services and the way in which they’re delivered.

Throughout the year, a team at Choice has been involved with a Statement and Notice re-design and digitization initiative to do just that. Currently, we generate over 20,000 statements and notices each month in what amounts to a frequent and consistent—albeit status quo—customer touchpoint and interaction. Our work within this initiative will produce modern, intuitive, and interactive digital versions of all our existing statements and notices that will transform each of these touch points into meaningful experiences for customers. The new experience will not only deliver clear and digestible information, but will also empower customers to interact with their documents to drill down for further details, sort and export transactions, learn more via FAQs, and connect directly with Choice people resources if needed. In short, the initiative enhances both the product and its delivery to ensure we meet the changing needs of our customers!

Check out a preview of what’s to come:

  • Clear, dynamic and interactive statement with an experience that resembles browsing a web page.



  • Lists are transformed from static to filterable, searchable, and exportable.



  • Find information and answers directly in your document or engage people resources when it counts directly from the document.


As this project continues to move forward throughout the summer, the team will be excited to share more detail on the exact look, feel, and functionality of the new statements and notices, timing of their availability, and how we can empower customers to leverage their full functionality.


Optimizing the experience of interacting with statements and notices will help complement our #PeopleFirst superpower in serving our customers and we’re looking forward to delivering on that!

Mandy Sheeley

Chief Operations Officer, Project Sponsor

Andy Karel

Operations Officer, Project Lead