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You work smart, so should your money.

Choice Bank offers a variety of business checking and savings accounts to meet your needs.

Do what you do best. We’ll handle the rest. Our business checking options are designed to serve a broad range of organizations, from start-ups to nonprofits and corporations. We customize checking solutions based on your business needs. To learn more, visit one of our locations or drop us a line below to set up an appointment.

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Grow your balance as you grow your business. Savings accounts serve a vital role as a smart, steady way that can help you reach your financial goals. With our varied account and interest options, Choice Bank can help manage your excess cash.

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Strengthen your finances. Build your future. We will work with you to structure the right terms and maturity dates as well as interest payment methods and maturity laddering to meet your cash flow needs.

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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

With a Choice CD, your finances can become even stronger. We have a variety of CD options at different tiers where you can benefit from competitive rates and perks that reward your hard work. Rest easy knowing your funds are in good hands with a strong Midwestern community bank – not a faraway or unknown online institution.

Large Investments (CDARS)

CDARS® is a safe and smart investment vehicle if you’re looking to protect large-dollar investments. You earn CD-level returns that may compare favorably to Treasury and money-market-fund yields.

CDARS provides access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance. That’s why thousands of safety-conscious institutional investors, businesses, nonprofits, and public funds/governments choose CDARS. It’s the easiest way to access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance through our bank. (Limits apply.)

With CDARS you have:

  • The ease of working through one trusted relationship, earning one rate per maturity, and receiving consolidated statements.
  • The ability to forego ongoing collateral tracking if you are accustomed to doing so.
  • The power of daily compounding.
  • A finite maturity date (in contrast to auction-rate or some adjustable-rate securities).

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CDARS CDs are considered bank deposits. They are not Depository Trust Company (DTC) eligible and, currently, no secondary market exists. Early withdrawals are available, but require the payment of a substantial penalty.

You should compare the current rates and features of CDs (including CDs placed through the CDARS service) to other investment alternatives. Past performance may not be representative of future performance or success.

Weekly and overall limits apply. If a depositor is subject to restrictions with respect to the placement of funds in depository institutions, it is the responsibility of the depositor to determine whether the placement of the depositor’s funds through CDARS or a particular CDARS transaction satisfies those restrictions. Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into a CDARS Deposit Placement Agreement with our bank. The agreement contains important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds by our bank through CDARS.

CDARS is a registered service mark of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.

Nonprofit Solutions

You play an important role in supporting our communities.

Having the right tools to help you manage your cash is critical to providing that service. That’s why we’re proud to offer product and service packages, specifically designed for our nonprofit clients.

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