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Having the right tools to manage your cash is critical.

We offer a variety of powerful tools to help you manage your cash more efficiently while minimizing risk. There are 262,143 different combinations, to be exact.  But, we don’t expect you to navigate that on your own. Our cash management team has the knowledge and expertise to help you pinpoint the solutions that will work best for your business.

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Account Analysis Statements

Intended for businesses with multiple accounts. Combine balances on analysis to provide the maximum earnings credit to offset fees. Analysis statements provide a summary of your service fees for the month, as well as an overview of your balances and earnings credit

Business Online Banking

Online services that grow with your Business. As a business owner or manager, your work is never finished. Fortunately, Choice can help simplify your finances every day.

Mobile Banking

Our mobile app is tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Review account balances, originate internal funds transfers, receive alerts and approve pending transactions all from the palm of your hand.

Zero Balance Accounts

Intended for businesses that desire separate accounts for payroll and flex benefits. These accounts are funded from your Commercial Checking account on an as needed basis.

Remote Deposit

Improve your cash flow and streamline the deposit processing function without ever leaving your office. Remote Deposit allows you to electronically deposit checks to Choice Bank from your desktop.


Our Lockbox outsources your accounts receivable receipt and deposit processing to the bank. Expedite the deposit process and reduce overhead by eliminating manual processing on your end.

Mobile Deposit

Make deposits without ever stopping into the bank. Use our mobile app to securely deposit checks to your account at Choice Bank within seconds from anywhere.

ACH Services

Intended for businesses looking to streamline payroll, pay vendors, or collect recurring payments from clients. It’s a concise way to manage and automate your ACH activity. Save time and money by eliminating check processing and paper based funds disbursements.

Bill Pay

Gain flexibility and efficiencies when managing payments to multiple vendors. Business Bill Pay allows you to schedule and initiate payments to vendors and individuals anytime and anywhere.

Wire Transfers

Transfer funds domestically and internationally in US dollars or foreign currency.

International Banking Services

Choice Bank offers a variety of International Banking services, including: access to Foreign Drafts, International ACH File Origination, Incoming and Outgoing International Wire Services, Issuance of Import/Export and Standby Letters of Credit, Documents of Acceptance, and Documentary Collection.

Business Credit Cards

We offer a variety of Visa® Business Credit Cards to help you manage your expenses.

Credit Card Options

Business Debit Cards

Add the convenience of a debit card to your Choice Bank business checking account.

Merchant Card Services

For businesses seeking to accept credit card payments from customers.

Purchasing Cards

Intended for businesses seeking to control corporate expenses.  Purchasing Cards can consolidate purchasing transactions and travel and entertainment expenses into one easy program that speeds purchases, minimizes paperwork, and improves your bottom line.

ACH Positive Pay

Protect your business accounts from electronic payment fraud by ensuring only debits authorized by you, post to your account.

Positive Pay

Avoid the pains and financial loss associated with check fraud. Positive Pay allows you to detect and return fraudulent checks.

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