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We know that farming is your livelihood and your lifestyle. Our team shares your commitment to the land.

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Seasonal Operating Loans

We understand the seasonality of your farming operation, and our operating loans help you manage your cash flow.

Real Estate Loans

Purchase or refinance your land with a true banking partner who makes decisions faster than big banks.

Equipment Financing/Leasing

No matter what you raise, your machinery and equipment are critical to your success. We offer flexible financing and rates.

Livestock Purchase Options

Whether you’re a small rancher or a large operation, we’ll help you expand the herd with rates and terms that match your seasonal needs.

Farm Service Agency Programs

FSA-backed loan programs are an attractive option for many growers. With our strong partnership and knowledge of their options, we’ll review your needs and find the right fit.

Bank of North Dakota (BND)

We partner with BND for beginning farmer loans, PACE loan programs and more.

If you’re an ag producer, your land is your life. Choice shares your commitment to the land. Our team of ag insurance experts have decades of experience on top of their life’s experience in agriculture and will work with you to build a custom coverage plan to meet the uniqueness of your operation.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

Secure your agricultural investments with our comprehensive farm and ranch insurance. From livestock protection to crop coverage, we offer tailored policies that safeguard your livelihood, ensuring peace of mind in the unpredictable world of farming and ranching.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Elevate your crop protection strategy with our multi-peril crop insurance. Offering a robust shield against a spectrum of risks, our policies empower farmers by providing financial security in the face of adverse weather, pests, and market fluctuations, ensuring a resilient harvest season after season.

Hail Coverage

Shield your crops and livestock with our specialized hail coverage for farmers and ranchers. Our insurance not only safeguards your agricultural investments against the destructive impact of hailstorms but also provides financial reassurance, allowing you to cultivate your land with confidence.

Pasture Rainfall Insurance

Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage (PRF) Insurance is a smart risk management tool for farmers and ranchers. Developed by the USDA Risk Management Agency, PRF insurance provides coverage for your pasture, rangeland, or forage acres. Unlike traditional crop insurance, PRF doesn’t rely on yields; instead, it’s based on rainfall. Here’s how it works: The Rainfall Index measures precipitation in your region compared to long-term averages. If insufficient rainfall affects your ability to produce enough forage for grazing or hay, PRF indemnity payments help offset the cost of purchasing replacement feed.

Livestock Risk Protection

Livestock Risk Protection Insurance (LRP) is a valuable tool for cattle producers seeking to manage price risk. Developed by the Risk Management Agency (RMA), LRP provides a safety net against catastrophic price declines. Whether you’re dealing with feeder cattle, fed cattle, or swine, LRP allows you to establish a floor selling price. It shields you from unexpected market shocks caused by factors like disease outbreaks, droughts, or industry disruptions. Unlike other tools, LRP doesn’t guarantee profits, but it does protect against significant price drops. Plus, it’s flexible – you can insure as few as one head of cattle. LRP provides peace of mind in an unpredictable market.

Choice offers better ag insurance. Get the base protection you need, and pair it with the optional coverage that’s best for your farm or ranch.

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At Choice Insurance, we understand the challenges and risks in agribusiness. Our commercial agribusiness coverage is tailored to address the complexities and exposures of today’s agriculture industry.

We offer customized coverage for various agribusiness sectors, including:

  • Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Seed Dealers
  • Grain Elevators
  • Agronomy Centers

In addition to being an approved representative of Nationwide Insurance, Choice Insurance maintains relationships with many trusted insurers to provide a coverage plan built for your enterprise.

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As a community bank, we care about your business and want to see it succeed. Get a competitive edge and lock in customers early by offering low-cost financing on ag product sales through Choice Bank’s Ag Supplier Financing Program. The Ag Supplier Financing Program provides financing for seed, fertilizer, chemical, and other products ag retailers may offer.

As an ag supply retailer, you’ll receive money from input purchases up-front rather than tapping into lines of credit to carry receivables. Learn more about implementing the Ag Supplier Financing Program at your business below.

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We know how important financial planning for your business is to you. That’s why we now offer assistance in deferring your income from one tax year to the next on commodity sales. Contact your local ag banker for more information.

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Why Choice Ag Solutions?

As a #PeopleFirst organization, our approach to ag banking and insurance starts with you and your operation. Our experienced team will find the right services from our list of over 100+ different insurance carriers at the right price for you, all while providing meaningful support and sound judgment.

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Accessibility and local decision-making remain at the core of our growth. We understand that in each of our markets our customers may have different needs and circumstances that need to be met. At Choice, we leave decision-making to individuals who know and live in your community, so we can best serve the needs of our customers.


Our advisors are local and accessible. It’s our #PeopleFirst way of serving our customers and community. Choice Insurance advisors know your community and this land because they have their boots on the ground. Times change, but the Choice Insurance team will always be here with People First service.




Our team of local ag experts have decades of combined ag insurance experience on top of their life experience in agriculture. As North Dakota’s number 1 ag bank since 2011, our committed team will support your operation with the very best tools and resources.

Experts in the Field

Our ag experience extends across many aspects of the agriculture industry. Through our relationships with a wide range of reputable and trusted insurers, we will offer a coverage plan that meets the uniqueness of your operation.


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