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Little Bits of Paper Creating Big Smiles

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Who doesn’t love a good confetti shower? That’s exactly what one couple got after paying off their home loan at Choice Financial. After years of making payments, Mike and Chris were ecstatic that they had finally achieved their goal of full home ownership and reveling in the security that it provides. “Isn’t there supposed to be confetti and balloons?” they jokingly asked Amber Sperling and Morgan Zeis, who were assisting them with finalizing the paperwork. They were only kidding at the time, but little did they know what was in store for them next.


Amber and Morgan saw an opportunity to do a little something extra for the happy couple. They wrote the couple a congratulatory card to recognize their achievement. But they didn’t stop there. The two rallied team members to help them cut sheets of paper into confetti, giggling all the while as they imagined Mike and Chris’s surprise upon opening the envelope, wishing they could be there to see it. Mickey Cain, who assists Mike and Chris regularly, also sent them a gift card to help them celebrate.


The customers were so pleased with the experience that they responded with a thank you card, “…loved the note and confetti! Lol :)” noted Chris, “You are all what retains customers and makes people feel special!” Langdon President, Todd Borchardt recognized Morgan and Amber saying, “This is just another example of how the little things can make a big impact. Really well done to all who were involved in creating this experience.”

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