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Steele's heroes of the hour—Robin and Lisa!

A Visit to Steele

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‘Twas a week before Christmas
And all throughout Steele
Frontline specialists were stirring
Helping customers with zeal

One such customer
Was in a bit of a bind
She’d been with Choice over 25 years
So she knew she’d be fine

You see there was a loan
That she needed to sign
For a home in Minnesota
Where she would reside

The paperwork was in Bismarck
But she was traveling to Steele
Adding 45 miles…
Well, it wasn’t ideal

So she called Nellie Keller
Her trusted banker and friend
And asked, “Is there a way,
I can get your help, again?”

“The only day I can travel
Is on Christmas Eve
And though I know it’s important
I’d rather not leave.”

Nellie smiled, “Of course not!
I know how you feel.
We’ll request the assistance
Of the Ladies of Steele.”

The Ladies of Steele
Are known throughout the land
For their expert teamwork
And helping hand

Robin Rewald, for one,
Is simply the best
She agreed right away
To Nellie’s request

She printed the papers
Highlighted where to sign
Everything was prepared
And ready on time

Then that night — oh no!
Robin slipped on the ice!
“You broke your wrist,” Dr. said
Didn’t have to look twice

Of course, her first thought
Was not of herself
But of her customer,
That she still needed to help

I need someone I can trust
Robin thought — I know the one!
Lisa Zimmerman
Can get the job done

“Hello,” Lisa answered
And Robin shared the news
“I’m on it,” came the reply
Lisa knew what to do

‘Twas the day before Christmas
And the paperwork was prepared
Lisa met with the customer
And got everything squared

All the documents were signed
By the customer with care
While the scent of Choice cookies
Freshly baked, filled the air

The customer smiled,
“You’ve saved me quite the trip!
I can’t thank you enough
For your great leadership.”

Later on, Nellie called and said
“Ladies, you are just great.
“I needed help,
And you stepped up to the plate.”

“It was nothing,” they said
And yet Nellie declared
“I couldn’t have done it
without you, so there!”

The customer is happy,
All thanks to these three
It goes to show, Nellie said,
“Communication is key!”

Know when to ask for help
Know when to offer it
Nellie knew when to ask
And the Steele team was on it!

(And just so you know
Robin’s wrist is healing
She got her cast off —
Now we just need Spring!)