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Taking Care of Business Series

Building a Strengths-Based Work Culture

Friday, September 15 | 12:00 PM CT

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What You’ll Learn

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations are recognizing the importance of leveraging employees’ unique strengths to drive success and foster a positive work culture. Developed by Gallup, Clifton Strengths offers a powerful framework for identifying and developing individuals’ natural talents and strengths. In this discussion, our own Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches will provide you with the knowledge and tools to unlock the full potential of your team members, leading to increased engagement, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. Learn how to develop the strengths of your team members to gain a competitive edge and how to create a workplace where employees thrive.


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Samantha Berg

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Chief Human Resources Officer at Choice Bank

Samantha Berg, a forward-thinking optimist from North Dakota, thrives on embracing new possibilities. With a background in fine arts and diverse professional experiences, she brings fresh and disruptive ideas to the traditional banking industry. As the Chief Human Resources Officer at Choice Bank, Samantha crafts an unparalleled employee experience. Grounded in her previous role as a career coach, she believes in the power of people and fosters unwavering commitment by building trusted partnerships rather than rigid policies. Samantha is also a director on the board for the Women’s Business Center of North Dakota, championing women business owners and their unique perspectives. With a passion for gaining new perspectives and building resilience in others, Samantha finds joy in balancing her busy family life.

Samantha’s strengths: Ideation I Competition I Achiever I Significance I Relator

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Kärsten Jensen

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach
Learning & Culture Development Manager at Choice Bank

Kärsten Jensen, a Minnesota native, is committed to empowering people to grow, take ownership of their lives, and be fully self-expressed. After an education in music and beginning a career in arts nonprofit administration, she unexpectedly found her dream job at Choice Bank. Currently serving as the Learning & Culture Development Manager, Kärsten thrives in coaching, training, and aligning team members to Choice’s strengths-based culture. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Karsten finds joy in helping others recognize their inherent talents as valuable assets. She is passionate about health, wellness, spirituality, and personal growth. Outside of work, Kärsten can be found playing music at weddings, listening to books on Audible, cooking great food, and taking long walks with her husband, Josh.

Kärsten’s strengths: Input | Intellection | Achiever | Futuristic | Relator

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