Update to Choice Employees Re: COVID-19

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These recent days have proven to be difficult times for our world, our country and is now hitting closer to home. If your phone is buzzing like mine with constant notifications of the latest closures, cancelations or safety precautions you might be wondering what this means for your own families and for Choice.

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic for weeks and have been putting in precautionary plans as risks have heightened. We will continue to make the changes necessary to ensure we keep the safety of our employees and customers as our number one priority.

The following steps require your attention as some may affect some basic day to day operations. We will continue to be vigilant with our communication of any additional precautionary steps.

Immediate Proactive Measures

(Next 30 Days at a Minimum)

Food, Drink & Events

  • Discontinue serving cookies/candy dishes in the lobby (this follows suit of many other organizations – e.g. Costco not offering free samples).
  • Discontinue potlucks, internal catering events and/or team-building gatherings until otherwise notified.
  • Keep in-person meetings to under 6-8 participants. Maintain, if possible, all other meetings via video collaboration capabilities.
  • Limit customer meetings to video or phone conferences, when possible and appropriate. Hopefully, customers will understand given the circumstances.

Business Travel

  • All business travel via plane to cease temporarily including any travel for upcoming conferences or training (through April 15th).
  • Use your best judgment for all other business travel trying to limit when at all possible for the interim.

Personal Travel

  • It is recommended to postpone personal travel to help limit your potential exposure in consideration of yourself, co-workers and customers.
  • If you have traveled abroad, inter-state, we recommend discussing it with the HR team to trace the origins if symptoms arise over the following weeks.
  • It is recommended to eliminate all public transportation if at all possible. A Taxi, Uber or Lyft are some options to replace the need for public transportation.


  • If you are sick, please stay home.  Your health, your family’s health, the health of our team members and customers is our #1 priority. Do the right thing and take care of yourself. Reach out to HR with any concerns or questions.
  • Continue to utilize the guidelines put forth by the CDC (CDC Guidelines), as well as the announcement (on CFG Central that was sent earlier this week to protect yourself and your families in regard to self-care, etc.

Customer Communication

  • Please follow this link to view all customer communication regarding COVID-19


We have formed a Pandemic Team that is meeting daily to assess the situation, make recommendations and communicate those actions to ensure the safety for our employees and customers.

The team will be working with each department to discuss specific recommendations and practices to deal with our safety and how to communicate with our customers in a respectful manner but also is direct in terms of the seriousness of the situation.

The science and medical experts have stated that this will eventually pass, but it undetermined at this time when the peak will hit and the duration of this situation.  It is important that we understand this is serious but also that our customers and communities know we are here to meet their needs and work with them and their businesses, farms, and personal situations to help them through this.

As always, I’m so proud and grateful knowing that our team will be helping to ensure trust and confidence in our services that places people first ALWAYS. Please feel free to reach out to the Executive Team or HR Team with any concerns or questions.

Take care. Stay safe.

Brian Johnson, CEO