Employee Update #2 Re: COVID-19

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This week brings new developments in our nation’s effort to reduce the COVID-19 impact. Schools are closing, social gatherings are being canceled and businesses are shutting their doors to the public.

As we’ve heard more and more experts speak on this topic, we’ve learned that social distancing is an absolute requirement to protect our citizen’s most at risk and to ensure our medical facilities can appropriately manage treatment for those in need.

At Choice Bank, it’s important we play our part. We will continue to provide great services for our customers but will keep social distancing at the front and center of our interactions. We are very fortunate that we have sound resources to keep our organization up and running. You can rest assured between remote work capabilities and rotation of staff we are prepared to service from anywhere!

In addition to the steps outlined in previous messages, we will be increasing the protection of our employees and community members through the following measures.

Additional Proactive Measures – Effective 3/18/2020 

  • Customer Servicing
    We will implement controlled access to our lobbies, to accomplish only necessary person-to-person contact while maintaining all services to our customers. Controlled access means that our bank lobbies will remain open however our doors will be locked allowing customers access by appointments.  Whenever possible we will encourage customers to utilize other methods of banking such as Drive Thru (where applicable), Night Drops, Mobile/Online Banking, and ATMs. Simply stated, we are helping customers remember to utilize our other services first prior to conducting in-person activity. At first glance, this may not feel people first however this is necessary to protect all involved. Customers accessing the location will be invited to utilize hand-sanitizer and/or our restroom facilities for handwashing needs.
  • Locations WITH a Drive-Up
    A sign will be placed on our doors providing the following advice to customers: This location will only be accepting transactions via our Drive -Up. You can also schedule an appointment by contacting us at xxx.xxx.xxxx. Information on additional options for conducting your banking can be found on our website at bankwithchoice.com/covid-19
    Drive-Up facilities will remain open normal hours of operation.
  • Locations WITHOUT a Drive-Up
    A sign will be placed on our doors providing the following advice to customers. This location will be accepting transactions via our Night Depository located [indicate location]. We will be checking for deposits [indicate time range]. If you are here to cash a check, pick up a change order, or schedule an appointment, please call [insert location phone number]. Information on additional options for conducting your banking can be found on our website at bankwithchoice.com/covid-19
  • Customer Interactions
    When possible, meet with customers via phone and utilize electronic document signing capabilities, as available.
  • Customer Outreach
    Location Presidents/Leaders are formulating plans to make proactive calls to notify regular bank lobby patrons.



  • Your location President/Leader will be reaching out to you to assess location operations, customer impact and your personal situation (school closures, travel plans, risk exposure). Please consider these important updates.
  • If you are unable to work due to lack of childcare, risk exposure or illness please discuss with your manager and/or HR.  At Choice, we do the right thing and keep people first. We will ensure you are taken care of, and your normal compensation will be maintained. (part-time employment will be addressed directly by HR). It is our priority to protect and support those in need during this time.
  • We are asking that each employee complete a Risk Assessment (attached) to determine if additional considerations should be applied dependent on your recent or future travels, social interactions and health risks (recently recommended by the CDC). Team members may require a self-quarantine. Please contact HR with any questions as you complete your Risk Assessment.
  • Where possible, many employees, when job appropriate, will be asked to work from home when capabilities exist. Rotational schedules may also be required to protect the employees that need to be at work while providing appropriate staffing. This is subject to change.
  • Continue to utilize personal hygiene recommendations put forth by the CDC. Each location has purchased additional cleaning supplies. Wash your workstation and hands frequently.
  • Jeans will be allowed until further notice. Continue to use discretion when meeting with customers where more formal attire would be more appropriate.


Customer & Employee Communication

All customer and organization-wide communication will be posted on our website to allow access from both home and work and to ensure our customers, community and employees are immediately informed of any changes that may take place. As fewer staff meetings take place, please be watchful for updates via email. All employees will be included in the customer communication today that is expected to go out no later than 5:30 pm.

We ask that all employees reach out to either their manager, HR, or a member of our Executive team if you have any questions or have customers with questions. We want to instill faith in our services and in our social duty to protect everyone here at home and across our communities.

Each day, new information is being presented and what we know today is subject to change. We are so fortunate to be a part of a great group of people that step up when each other is in need. We have a “new normal” for a short while, and so far, I’ve only seen this bring out the best of all of us. Your CAN-DO attitude and ability to do the right thing ensures we take care of each other and our customers every step of the way.

Please remember to stay safe and to take all the necessary precautions to remain healthy.

Brian Johnson, CEO