Employee Update #4 Re: COVID-19

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A recent announcement has been made by the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, announcing the executive order to “stay-at-home” (Emergency Executive Order 20-20 directing Minnesotans to stay home) for the residents and communities in the state of Minnesota. Essentially, sheltering in place means residents are being required to stay inside, only leaving for essential activities and work.
Choice Bank, being an essential service, is to remain available to service our customers. While remaining available to service our customers, we are also committed to continuing to do our part to ensure the safety of our employees and community. After careful consideration, we plan to make changes in both Minnesota and North Dakota to lead our communities with social distancing efforts. These changes will require us to modify and shift how we are operating in our communities.

  • Beginning on Monday, March 30 through April 10, the locations of Bloomington, Roseville, Moorhead, Grand Forks (Washington St), Bismarck (Skyline Blvd) and Medina will be temporarily closed.
    • Customers will be redirected to our Golden Valley, Eagan, Fargo (23rd Ave), Grand Forks (42nd St), Bismarck (E Front Ave) and Steele locations which are in close vicinity.
    • This will allow our employees, required to service our customers in-person, the ability to rotate with other staff (from both our closed and open locations) limiting their time spent in contact with the public.
    • Night drop services will temporarily discontinue at these locations.
    • Safe Deposit Box entry will be permitted via appointment only.
    • Phones will be transferred to locations that are open.
  • Rotation efforts will increase for those unable to work from home. This means we will be sharing the workload with our team, picking up where the last person left off. This will look and feel a little different for each department so please look to your leader for specific instruction.
  • Individuals who are at home or working on a rotational basis, will continue to receive normal compensation.
  • It is expected that all employees continue to practice social distancing practices to ensure the safety of their team members.
  • We will continue our effort to provide the ability to work from home to as many individuals as possible.
  • New signage will be provided by the end of the day, to be placed in visible servicing areas, on lobby doors and night drop locations. The signage should be posted by close of business today, Thursday, March 26.
  • Communication will be sent to customers today, Thursday, March 26, making them aware of these changes.

It is important that we have servicing options available for our customers as an essential service to our communities. Keeping the banking community open is critical to the economy which is why it has been deemed necessary. Our remaining locations will continue under their controlled access operations allowing customers into our lobbies when appropriate. We will continue to follow special procedures established for our bank lobbies last week, in order to maintain safe social distancing practices.

Our working conditions have been changing frequently, but in these times, we’ve been aiming for approximately right and I am confident that we’ve hit that or better. This is a fluid and evolving situation and your willingness to adapt and change together is what keeps our organization nimble and successful.

There are a few more important items to consider regarding the “stay-at-home.”

  • When traveling to and from work, please carry with you the ‘Memorandum for Financial Services Sector’ document that is located on CFG Central. Please contact your supervisor if unable to access it.
  • It is important to understand that outdoor activities are still permitted including (walking, hiking, running, biking, driving for pleasure, hunting or fishing) and going to public parks and other public recreation lands, consistent with remaining at least six feet apart from individuals from other households. Please remember to keep yourself healthy with clean practices, social distancing, and these available exercise options.
  • If you are interested, please reference the CDC site for more information.

As mentioned in Choice Happenings yesterday, I continue to be amazed by your acts of selfless service, ability to find creative solutions and care for one another. It’s been so great to see everyone’s smiling faces on Yammer and posting pictures of their own #aworldofhearts displays. If you haven’t seen or participated yet, make sure to take some time to join in with your teammates.

As we are protecting ourselves from the COVID-19 spread, we also need to be diligent in the protection of our data. Cyber criminals, as usual, are taking advantage of this difficult situation. Please take extra precautions, especially when selecting links or entering your credentials.
It’s important that we pause and take breaks. Because we all care so much about Choice, and the people we’re surrounded by, we tend to push ourselves to the point of exhaustion. We need everyone at their best. Surround yourself with others that will help to keep you accountable for taking care of YOU.

We wouldn’t be Choice if we didn’t try to have a little fun once and a while. I hope you will all join in to make the best of our situation and to be thankful we work for an organization with strong and sturdy values that are upheld by our people.





 Brian Johnson, CEO