Employee Update #3 Re: COVID-19

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Hey You…Over There!

Let’s all stay healthy! Amid recent changes to much of our workdays, there are some things you can do to keep yourself both physically and mentally healthy. The stress alone can be difficult to work through. Let’s join together (well – not physically together ?) and keep ourselves in tip-top shape!

Lunch Time!


  • Did you order all that food together? Remember that ordering in food is a great way to fill the belly while continuing to support customers and team members, however let’s be sure we order our own portions and not share – even though sharing is caring – now is a time that old adage gets tossed out the window.
  • Some of the best team bonding happens while you’re eating. If you are utilizing break rooms be sure to clean surfaces before and after eating and eat at an appropriate distance.


  • Have you found yourself snacking all day, skipping lunches or simply having no routine at all? It’s easy to fall into bad habits without the structure gained from coming in to work each day. Stick to your normal lunch breaks. Use this time to get up, stretch and walk around.
Give Me a Call!

Mixing up our work routine presents many challenges. There are many times when we don’t know an answer and we’re used to asking our neighbors. We still have those same neighbors. They are a simple phone call away. Pick up that phone and give them a jingle. They’d love to see (or hear) your smiling face.

The Premier Solution Teams (along with all your other resources) are waiting for your calls to provide expert assistance. Keep calm – and remember your resources.

What Are You Wearing?

Jeans, limited staff or working from your couch, sometimes makes us want to get our comfy clothes on. Remember that we all are assisting some form of customer, internal or external. Let’s show those customers we mean business and that we’re a professional business whether that be at home or at work.  Jeans are allowed, but let’s keep them professional-looking.

But It’s So Lonely Around Here!

Because we’re becoming more and more spread out, you’re going to see fewer people. If you’d normally stop to chat with a neighbor or a team member across the lobby – pick up that phone and say hello! Remember we’ve got amazing tools to keep us connected. Be sure to be logging into Yammer and to download the app on to your phone. We’re going to be sure to maintain that wonderful core value we all so dearly love, Work hard. Do the right thing. Have a little fun! Let’s have some virtual fun! The IT team is prepared to take your questions if you are unable to log on to Yammer for any reason. Our PeopleFirst Universe videos are also great ways to get inspired.

Did I Just See Your Cat?

Yep. You sure did! With our variety of working situations, unique to each employee, we’re going to have the pleasure of meeting all sorts of new extended Choice family members. From cats, to kiddos, you may see a new smiling face on that camera. Welcome them into our Choice world! We’re so fortunate to have such amazing capabilities to keep our organization up and running. We’re embracing change and making the best of our situation!

Can’t Touch This!

Washing your hands is still your best protection and preventive measure. We want to make sure everyone feels safe. After each interaction, or at least at the top of each hour, pretend it’s your birthday and sing to yourself while washing your hands!

Also, wash the top of surfaces each hour. COVID-19 can be spread in many different ways, however, the most common way is through touching surfaces.

We’re A-OK

Our mental health is going to be put to the test. The stress we feel from the constant news updates, the disappointment when canceling big events and the isolation when human contact is limited is going to start to take their toll on us all. We can expect to feel a little, or even a lot, down. Please don’t hide it, share it with someone. We will continue to provide resources, support, and information that we ask you to take seriously and calmly. We need to mentally prepare for this to be our ‘new normal’ for the interim.

Thank you for your continued commitment to Choice, our customers, and our team members.  YOU make this a great place to be!

The Choice HR Team