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Tying One On The Right Way

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In the Grand Forks location, Senior Front Line Specialist Mike Herman is known for his motto, “Instead of doing the thing right, do the right thing.” He is also known for his extra stylish, and non-traditional tie knots. Words like the Eldridge and Merovingian frequently find their way into his conversations with team mates and customers alike as they admire his unusual take on traditional neckwear.


This fact was not lost on a customer who frequents the location. He mentioned to Mike that he was getting ready to go to a wedding in a few weeks, but having been a farmer all his life, had few occasions to wear a tie. Mike told his fashion student the one-word secret to his knot tying abilities – YouTube.


A couple of weeks later, his apprentice came back to Mike carrying a new tie in a grocery bag. Apparently the YouTube lessons were not working for him, so he asked Mike if he would tie his new tie loosely enough so that he could slip it over his head the next day for the wedding.


Happy to oblige, Mike expertly tied one of his fancy knots. But that didn’t look right. Mike tried again, with another version, but was met with the same reaction. Finally, he realized his pupil was looking for the traditional Full Windsor knot, more like the one that Todd Olson, Credit Analyst, was wearing. Not used to such a traditional look, the time-honored, simple knot eluded Mike, so he took the customer and his tie upstairs to Todd’s desk. Together, they whipped up a conventional but charming coil and showed him how to tighten it up with one pull when he was ready.


“I love the fact that my tie was too fancy for him.” Laughed Mike. “I knew tying his tie for him was the right thing to do, but I couldn’t do the thing right, so bringing him to Todd, who could do it right was an easy solution.”