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Three Little Boys get a Birthday Surprise

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“I always thought Dickinson is an important place to live and it’s important to give back when there is a need,” said Susie Kapelovitz when asked about volunteering at the AMEN Food Pantry for the past 3 years, averaging 12 hours a week.


One moment from her time volunteering that has stuck with Susie revolves around three little boys, triplets. They were going to be celebrating their birthday soon and the boys asked their mother if they could get a cake. The mom informed them the pantry did not have cake and they could not afford one. Despite this sad news, the boys sat and waited so patiently while their mom picked out their food. Susie overheard the cake conversation and sneakily asked the mother to come over and look in the freezer with her. They had just received a huge Mickey Mouse ice cream cake from Walmart. Susie asked the mom if the boys would like that. The mom called her boys over to look and each one of them grabbed onto the edge of the freezer and pulled up on their tippy toes to peek inside. All three of their faces lit up and mouths dropped open wide, full of excitement. They were able to take home a cake for their birthday. Susie smiles every time she thinks about it.


Along with volunteering at AMEN, Susie is involved in other areas of the community as she sees the need arise.


AMEN is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 2:00-4:00pm and serves an average of 20 families per day. They service Dickinson, Medora, New England, Killdeer, Hebron, Grassy Butte, Halliday, Dunn Center and everyone in between. To run the facility, about 30 volunteers give an average of 129 hours a month of their time.


An average of 4,250lbs of food a week and 204,000lbs of food a year is distributed from AMEN Food Pantry. Of this food, a quarter of it is perishable and the other three quarters are non-perishable. Donations come in from Walmart, Family Fare, local farmers, 4H, boy scouts, schools, local businesses and individuals. The items in most need are peanut butter, pasta sauce, all kinds of soap (dish laundry, body, hair), and baby items (formula, food, diapers, wipes, hygiene).

AMEN Food Pantry is on Facebook.