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Taking Steps Towards Putting #PeopleFirst

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When Rita Beneda at the Grafton location got her Wellness Dollars for 2015, she knew exactly what she was going to get. She wanted a Garmin step tracker. Having been a busy Choice Team member for 20 years, she wanted motivation to keep getting her 10,000 steps a day, even after her planned retirement early in 2016.


Pat, a waitress at Granny’s and longtime customer noticed Rita’s new Garmin and asked about it one day when she was in the bank to deposit her tip money. Rita was more than happy to share all of the cool things she’d learned about her new tracker, and encouraged Pat to get one too.


Not long after that, Pat’s watch stopped working, so she decided to get a Garmin tracker like Rita had suggested. But when she tried to set it up, she had trouble understanding the instructions. So where did she go for her technical help? Where else but to Rita, the friendly Choice Financial team member!


Rita was happy to help, but noticed that the tracker was a newer style than hers and she wasn’t sure how to make it sync with Pat’s phone. That’s where her Grafton teammate, Janafer Georgeson, was able to step in. She read the instructions and between the three of them they got Pat set up and sent her on her way.


“When it comes to helping customers, Rita doesn’t see any difference between helping her friends and neighbors in the Grafton community, and helping her customers at Choice Financial.” Said Janafer.


“I like to help people, no matter what they ask for.” Rita laughed. “Whether they’re making a deposit or setting up a step tracker, I’m here to help.”