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Stop and talk to the preschoolers

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For Lisa Zimmerman, what she did on a recent summer afternoon was nondescript. But her coworker Renae Kennedy took special notice.

Personal Banker, Robin Rewald was working with a client, a young mom named Doni. Her daughter Billie Jean was with her; she often comes with her into the bank, but usually remains safely behind her mommy’s legs. She peers at the bankers in their offices, shy and quiet.

On this day, however, she was walking past Lisa’s office to check out the wicker basket of toys Choice keeps in their lobby. Lisa saw her and asked, “How’s preschool going?”

Billie lit up. She started chattering away.

“She was talking up a storm,” says Lisa, who’s worked as a loan assistant for nearly 11 years at Choice. Lisa described Billie as similar to Cindy Lou-Hoo from Dr. Seuss; petite, full of life.


Billie was holding a book: “Thomas the Train: Find that Freight.” After chatting with Lisa, she climbed up on her knee and Lisa read her the story. The train’s name was Billy, “Just like me!” Billie said, over and over.

“We finished that book, then read two more,” Lisa said, laughing. “Who knows, maybe she’ll come in again with another book!”

Lisa’s time with Billie did not go unnoticed. Doni was able to chat with Robin while her daughter had storytime with a fellow banker. For Lisa, actions like these come down to two of Choice’s core values.

“Better the places we live, and commit to our customers with undivided attention,” she said. “Doni is our main customer but Billie is our future customer.”

Plus, who doesn’t love a good Thomas the Train story?