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Belfield and Dickinson Phone Outage


UPDATE, 8 AM, Monday, August 14: Our phone system upgrade is complete and most Choice phone lines are now restored with the exception of the new phone numbers at our Belfield and Dickinson Bank, Insurance, and Wealth lines. We are actively working on restoring phone service and will provide an update once complete.


Locations with New Phone Numbers

As part of this upgrade to improve the customer experience, some location phone numbers will also be changing. Existing numbers will continue to forward to the new numbers listed below, however, we’d recommend making note of these new numbers as you will begin seeing them on your phone’s caller ID when you receive a call from Choice.

Below is a list of the Choice locations that have changed phone numbers, followed by their new phone number:

  • Belfield Bank, (701) 575-9125
  • Belfield Insurance, (701) 575-9419
  • Dickinson Bank, (701) 495-0168
  • Dickinson Insurance, (701) 495-0161
  • Moorhead Bank, (701) 356-9682
  • Ellendale Bank, (701) 347-7373
  • LaMoure Bank, (701) 890-1200
  • LaMoure Insurance, (701) 890-1210

Our Locations page has been updated with these new phone numbers.


Belfield and Dickinson Phone Outage

There’s currently a temporary outage affecting the new numbers at our Belfield and Dickinson phone lines. Please call the location’s old number to get a hold of someone at your local Choice office. Please note that only calls from cell phones are able to get connected at this time.

  • Belfield: (701) 575-9125
  • Belfield Insurance: (701) 575-9419
  • Dickinson: (701) 495-0168
  • Dickinson Insurance: (701) 495-0161
  • Dickinson Wealth: (701) 495-1060