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Making Customers Smile Long Distance

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Jacob was confident that he’d be able to keep his welding business running smoothly while he attended a wedding in sunny Cancun. He’d planned carefully by putting a travel status on his Choice debit card so he would be able to pay a bill he was expecting. Late on Friday afternoon, the payment due notification came, but when he tried to pay, he got an error message. He tried again, same message. He knew he’d done it right, but for some reason the payment would not go through, so Jacob called Choice team member Patty Hutzenbiler, Front Line Specialist at the Belfield location. Patty knew Jacob was out of the country, and tried to run the payment for him, but even she couldn’t make it go through. Right away she got the internal help experts from the Choice Financial Solutions Center on the case.


Having worked at this location since 1990, Patty has had lots of opportunities to save the day, often going the extra mile to make sure their transactions go smoothly. This time was no different. Even though it was close to 5, Patty wasn’t giving up. Knowing the cost for out of country calls, Patty let Jacob hang up, but not before getting his email address. She said she would email him the minute she had an answer. Together, Patty and Matt from the Solutions Center were able to correct the issue, but by that time, Patty was at home. She emailed Jacob from her personal email account to let him know they achieved success and asked him to reply to let her know when the payment had gone through. Pretty soon, she saw a message from Jacob letting her know that bill had been paid, and thanking her for her persistence.


Luckily, Janet Lindbo, Senior Front Line, overheard Patty on the call and was inspired to share the heartwarming story of how Patty had used her personal email, after hours to make a customer’s day. But Patty still wasn’t done. She also sent Jacob a gift card to make up for his inconvenience.


“I don’t need the recognition.” said Patty, when asked what she thought of Janet’s nomination. “It’s nice, but Janet and I just like helping our customers, we just naturally do what’s right, regardless of the time of day. I guess that’s why we’ve both been here so long. Helping people is what we do. It’s Choice’s philosophy and its ours too.”