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Lunch Can Wait

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It was 11:30, and Front Line Specialist Heather Anderson was scheduled to take her lunch break, leaving fellow Frontline Specialist Brooke Bjerke to take care of customers in her absence. It was a slow day, so it shouldn’t have been a problem.

A homemade Mexican style meal of rice, veggies and salsa danced in Heather’s imagination as she walked through the West Fargo location parking lot toward her car. But no sooner had she turned the key in the ignition when she saw three cars pull in, and their occupants all headed into the bank at the same time.

Meanwhile, inside, Brooke looked up and saw the three customers, the equivalent of an army in her imagination, all headed toward her. She straightened her shoulders, put on her best smile and prepared to do what she had to do to help each one all by herself. “You never know when a customer walks in, how long it’s going to take.” She said. “They may want to open an account, make a deposit or any number of things, plus, when they’re on their lunch hour, it’s important to get people helped, and on their way quickly.”


Then Brooke saw something amazing. Heather came bursting back through the bank doors, greeting customers on her way and started assisting the ones who hadn’t been helped yet. Within a matter of minutes, all three customers were on their way and Heather was able to resume her quest for a Mexican lunch.

“I didn’t even really think about it.” Heather said about her decision to postpone her lunch to help with customers. “We get one, maybe two people at a time when we’re both there. Three customers at once for Brooke alone would have been like a tidal wave!”

Heather’s actions are just one example of Choice’s core value ‘Commit to our customers with undivided attention.’ She felt empowered with the flexibility and responsiveness, to respond to not only the customers’ needs, but those of her team mate as well.