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Lost and Found

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The older gentleman was a stranger. He wore a tan jacket, a green shirt, glasses. He looked lost. All these things Lindsay Buchhop, a Front Line Specialist, took note of when he wandered into Choice Financial in Fargo.

Turns out, he was lost. He needed directions to his insurance agent’s office.

Lindsay, who says she’s normally not the best with directions, printed out a map and realized the office was only a block away. She traced a route for the older man — only a half mile away, even walking distance, she said. But he looked even more confused.

“He kept asking questions,” she said. And as he asked questions, she had an odd feeling that she was talking with someone familiar. What he wore, the way he talked…This man was just like her grandpa, she realized.

“‘What would I want someone to do if it was my grandpa asking for directions?’” she thought.

Seeing his confusion, she offered to drive to the office and have him follow.


“But even then, he seemed anxious that he wouldn’t be able to catch up with me,” she said. So, despite not knowing the man, she offered to ride with him as he drove there. He seemed relieved, and gladly accepted.

Heather Renfrow, a fellow Front Line Specialist, overheard the conversation and agreed to drive behind them to give Lindsay a ride back. The two set off for their half-mile escapade.

As Lindsay and her new friend drove along in his blue-gray Buick — the same model Lindsay’s grandma used to drive — she chatted with the man. Turns out he was 90 years old. And he had just had lunch at a Famous Dave’s.

When they pulled into the insurance agent’s office, they looked across the street, and there was Famous Dave’s. Turns out he had been right across the street all along. They shared a good laugh about that, before Lindsay walked him to the door. They took a picture in front of the insurance office and bid farewell.


“I really appreciate you guys showing me the way to go,” he told Lindsay. “I know where to go next time I get lost.”

Heather and Jane Eisenbeis, a Loan Assistant at Choice Financial Fargo who watched the story unfold, were inspired by Lindsay’s quick willingness to go out of her way for this man, who wasn’t a friend, family member, or even a customer. For Lindsay, this is what it looks like to really put People First.

“I try to look at our customers and future-customers like family members,” Lindsay said. “You go the extra mile for your family member, so why not everybody?”