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Look for the little things: Tips from a professional tattletale

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Kris Stroh keeps a note on her desk that says, “Look for the little things.” It reminds her, she says, that while people often dwell on the negativity around them, there are so many good things that deserve recognition.

That’s where she is a true expert.

Kris is known around the office as someone who goes the extra mile; whether it’s planning a steak dinner event for a customer, or decorating a motorized car as part of a group project.

But where Kris really shines, and why more than ten people got on a phone call to share their appreciation for her, is in the little things.

“When it was our birthday we had treats on our desk and a note, with a smiley face and a bar to go with it,” said LaVonne, a coworker. “She was always thinking of us.”

Kris’s attention to detail showed when she recognized many of her teammates for Rise Up stories, appreciating the hard work they put into creating a top-tier event for a customer. In her nominations, she didn’t just say, “Thank you.” She noted things like, “you grilled those steaks to perfection,” or, “you went downstairs to wash dishes, even when your knees probably wanted to go home.”


“We were shocked,” said Rhonda, when she was nominated for a Rise Up story. She works at Choice’s Medina location and came with her co-worker Val to help with the event. “We weren’t expecting a Rise Up story for coming over and helping. It made you feel very appreciated.”

“It does make you realize our family is more than just our location,” added Val. “It’s all of Choice.”

Listening to her teammates shower her with praise over the phone, Kris was quiet at first.

“I’m very humbled at this moment,” she said.

When asked how she has become an expert tattletale, she said, “I’m old, so I’ve been around a while. I’ve learned that when someone does appreciate you, it’s a warm fuzzy feeling.”

She has experienced leadership that made her feel appreciated, she said. Now, she seeks to pass it on. She takes time every morning on her drive to work to think about the people she wants to thank. In her office, her note reminds her to look for the little things. And she does.

“I try to appreciate people for all the work they do and to make them happy in what they do,” she said. “It’s the little things that don’t cost anything.”