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Lifesavers for Life Savers

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Retail Team Leader, Sharon Soeby scanned through the paper as she always does, looking for opportunities where she and her teammates could help in their community of Walhalla. When her eyes fell on a notification that it was National EMS week, she was immediately inspired, so she shared her idea with Loan Assistant, Lacey Mathison.


The two came up with a plan to attach a package of Lifesavers to individual thank you notes, along with $10 gift certificates to a local diner for each member of the local EMS. Fellow Frontline Specialist Carol Weiler designed the notes, then the team set about the task of assembling their gifts. As they worked, Frontline Specialist Karen Dumas suggested they add a donation to be presented to the group along with the thank you notes. Frontline Specialist LaRae Horgan, who used to be a volunteer EMS member, suggested the donation be put toward the volunteer ambulance service’s need for new pagers. Mandi Stark and Shelby Karel, Frontline CSRs, pitched in to the team effort by assembling all of the packages, saying that fun things like this are one of the reasons they loves her jobs.


The team presented their cards, and donation to customer Wendy Brusseau, one of the volunteer EMTs who visit the bank every day. She mentioned that their group was meeting that very night, and she would be more than happy to present the gifts. Wendy called later that week to thank Sharon and her team, admitting that their generosity almost made her cry.


“We enjoy doing things for the community, especially for people we see every day.” Said Sharon. “Customer service isn’t about telling people how great they are, it’s about making people smile.” Thanks to the generosity of the Walhalla location, 19 hardworking volunteers got personalized thank you notes, and $250 went toward the purchase of a new pager system for the Walhalla volunteer ambulance service.