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Guardian Angels

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A young father named Joseph came in to open a new account in Ellendale. As Holly Schlenker, Frontline Specialist, was taking care of his transaction, their conversation turned to Joseph’s infant son. He mentioned that his family would soon be making a trip to Minneapolis to see a specialist for a condition with the young boy’s eyes. They would only be staying overnight, but knowing they would be heading out of town before their new debit cards and checks were due to arrive, Joseph set aside some cash to pay for the trip and hotel.


A few days later, Joseph’s family made the trip to the specialist in Minneapolis and they learned that what was supposed to take one day was now going to take two. This meant that they would have to stay a second night at the hotel. With only enough cash to cover one night, and no checks or debit cards, Joseph needed to find another way to get money. He made a frantic call to the Ellendale location and the team jumped into action.


Holly tried to find someone in a Choice location that was within driving distance of the hospital in hopes they could hand deliver Joseph’s cash to him, but there was no one available. Frontline Specialist, Kylie Simonsen tried wiring money to the clinic, but because the boy was a patient at a clinic, not a hospital, they couldn’t accept the money. Holly tried wiring money to the hotel, but they don’t do transactions like that either.


Despite the road blocks, Holly and Kylie weren’t about to give up! They recruited fellow Frontline Specialist Diane Henningsen and together this team of guardian angels worked for a couple of hours making calls and using their imagination to find a way to get Joseph’s family the money they needed. They even went as far as calling friends and family who lived near Minneapolis to see if they would be willing to help deliver the money.


“It’s not that we couldn’t find the money,” Diane said, “it’s just that we couldn’t find anybody to take it! I don’t think it has ever happened before where nobody wants to get money.” Finally, Diane thought to call the Salvation Army. It was slow going at first, having to work across state and county jurisdictions, but Holly, Diane and Kylie are used to going the extra mile to make sure their customers have a good experience.


Through perseverance and hard work, Joseph and his family finally got the money they needed to stay in Minneapolis and get the procedure done.


“We just believe that you should do your best to make things right with customers who happen to be in a tough situation.” Said Diane.