Choice Bank is the supporting bank for Current.

As the supporting bank for Current, like any of our business customers, we provide financial services to aid in their operation and ability to serve you as their customer. Although Choice provides banking services to Current, we are unable to provide customer support solutions to their customers. If you are a Current customer and need assistance with your account, please use the contact information below to reach Current Customer Support. 

Customer Support

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Unfortunately, Choice Bank does not have access to customer data for Current customers. Please contact the Current support team directly at the Current Support Center to report any of the issues below:

  • I need help with transactions on my account.
  • Questions on a refund.
  • Questions about card limits.
  • Questions about the app.
  • I am locked out of my app.
  • Questions about my Current debit card.
  • Any other issues related to your Current Teen Banking or Current Personal Checking Account.

Current is a financial technology company that provides collaborative banking solutions, starting with a smart debit card and app for parents to provide better financial education for their kids.

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