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Erv Inniger Encourages Area Students to be Leaders

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Over the past three months, Erv Inniger has been doing what he loves best—traveling to area communities and encouraging young adults to be leaders.

Inniger, Community Relations Director for Choice Financial, has spent time with students and their families in the Langdon, Grafton, and Steele communities, amongst others, where he has impacted more than 400 people with his wisdom and inspiring words.  Based on the premise of values, Inniger’s message delivers on personal growth in better communication, going the extra mile, and taking time to impact the days and lives of those around you.  Inniger said, “There isn’t anything more rewarding than helping shape our young people into being good citizens and in building confidence so they feel comfortable taking action to make a positive difference.”

In Langdon in mid-February, Inniger addressed nearly 250 students, families and staff through a visit to the high school and by delivering the keynote address at a Choice Financial-sponsored awards banquet for ‘Building Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today,’ a multi-level program that is in development by the NDSU Extension Service.  The program prepares high school students for real-life interactions, including timeliness, responsibility, conflict resolution and ethics.  In a gesture that demonstrates the concept of bettering the places we live, Inniger donated his speaker’s fee to a scholarship, which was matched in dollars by a donation from Choice Financial.

“The ‘Building Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today’ series was a great success in Langdon and we were extremely excited to team up with the NDSU Extension Service to help the pieces come together for this pilot program,” said Todd Borchardt, president of Choice Financial in Langdon.  “Erv came in as the keynote speaker to wrap up the final evening of the program and delivered a high-energy message that left the entire group motivated to become better leaders.  His mixture of real-life experiences and moral-based topics really aligned well with the principles the course was trying to hammer home.”

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Late last year, Inniger–the winningest men’s basketball coach in North Dakota–spoke to the Valley-Edinburg Titan athletes about creating a level and positive playing field—on and off the court.  He was able to draw on his previous coaching experiences, including time at Golden Valley Lutheran Junior College and Augsburg College (both Minneapolis), North Dakota State University (Fargo) and Park Christian High School (Fargo).  Both Jeannette Gemmill, Choice Financial organizer; and Pete Thingelstad, Titan Athletic Director, commented on what a refreshing and motivational message the student athletes received.

Inniger is continuously looking for opportunities to encourage and inspire young adults.  In addition to his time speaking publicly, he provides our Choice team members with the same inspiration through Choice University, our internal organizational education program; and Junior Bank Board, our collaboration with high school students, such as he did recently with our Steele, North Dakota community’s students.

With Inniger on the team, Choice Financial continues its mission to be a people-first financial services organization whose team members are inspired by Erv to have the commitment to do it right, the passion to do it well, and the faith that you can do it.