Employee Update #8 Re: COVID-19

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We are 13 days away from the date in which we identified as our potential date to start to re-open our lobbies and offices. Although you may have not heard much, our pandemic team is working diligently to take what we’ve learned thus far to guide these decisions. You will begin to hear more from either myself or the pandemic team as we get closer and closer to that date.

It’s important to understand that each of our locations and states is unique and may require individualized handling at this point. We are listening to your survey results, your location leaders, the CDC, and peer groups to continue to provide the greatest protection while servicing our customers. Regardless of that variance, please expect that if your location lobby and offices are reopening, it has to happen safely and slowly. Needless to say, don’t expect to see everyone in the entire organization back in their offices on Tuesday, May 26th. More to come on that front.

I’d like to share with everyone that at Choice we have had both potential cases and positive cases of COVID-19 that we have had to navigate through. Below, are the steps that have taken place to ensure we are both taking care of these individual employees but also taking care of those that may have come in contact with those employees. This may come as a surprise to hear, however in the spirit of transparency, it is important to make sure you know how our organization is handling these situations–even if they haven’t directly impacted you. Potential Measures – In-Office Potential & Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

  1. Tracing Contact: Upon notification of a potential or positive case, we will begin the process of tracing all individuals our employee may have encountered.
  2. Location Notification: Any location(s) that may have had contact with this employee will receive a notification. The employee’s name may or may not be shared given the specific circumstances to honor both the privacy and safety of the team.
  3. Employee Quarantine: The employee themselves will be immediately quarantined, along with any other individuals they came in contact with.
  4. Testing: It will be determined if testing is appropriate before the team member(s) rejoin the workforce.
  5. Lunchrooms: Lunchrooms will be closed (outside of refrigerator and sink use).
  6. Masks: Masks will be required for close interaction with customers or employees.
  7. Sign-in Sheet: Customers will sign in when entering the branch for appointments to appropriately trace (if necessary).

This information can also help remind us that all our social distancing practices and safety precautions are as important as ever to be adhering to. It is very easy to start to lessen our defenses. Please refer to prior messages for all appropriate practices. A few important ones come to mind–frequent hand washing, sanitizing workspaces/high touch areas, 6 feet distancing, and minimizing time in shared spaces such as breakrooms and offices.

Thank you to those that participated in the survey where you shared your pandemic working environments. The value that’s placed in each and every voice at Choice cannot be underestimated. We will only be our best selves with all your thoughts and opinions. I’m happy to say that we had 85% of employees complete the survey!

Keep an eye out for additional communication on how our next couple weeks will look. Getting used to a new normal has been our jam over the last 2 months, so let’s step into this new chapter together.

Stay safe and take care.





 Brian Johnson, CEO