Employee Update #7 Re: COVID-19

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As businesses, our communities, and government officials announce new changes that begin to lift restrictions put in place as precautionary measures against COVID-19, you are likely wondering what that means for our family here at Choice.

There are many things to consider during this time: school children are still at home; uncertainty if the spread will continue, lessen or worsen when places begin opening back up; and what new protocol is needed to continue to social distance.

All businesses are faced with implementing new operating guidelines whether or not their doors have been closed. The only thing we know for certain is that our new normal is constantly changing.

At Choice, we have decided to take a safe and slow approach as restrictions begin to ease. We will continue our current status through Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th, with select locations to remain closed (Roseville, Bloomington, South Grand Forks, Moorhead, North Bismarck), and lobbies servicing only through drive-thrus, night depositories or by appointment/controlled access to lobbies when necessary. We will also continue with the staff rotations currently in place for select departments.

We’re allowed to do this because of you and how well you’ve embraced change. In the matter of a few weeks, we moved 80% of our workforce home, processed an unimaginable amount of loans, and continuously found new ways to work and celebrate each other. Our customers and peers are looking to us, as a leader, in these unprecedented times. Our great culture has given us the foundation needed to make decisions to keep our employees and customers safe while maintaining our service excellence.

This decision comes after great consideration, combined with the alignment with what a number of our peers are doing to continue to keep the safety of our employees, customers, and communities the number one focus. This continuation will also allow us to concentrate our efforts on longer-term solutions for when we do begin to invite more teams back into the office.

You may have a number of other questions regarding travel restrictions, childcare, and continued staff rotations; I encourage you to work with your supervisor and HR as each situation is unique. The support and expertise of these teams will help ensure the best solution is reached.

We’re all feeling some social distancing fatigue; we might miss the office, our peers, and our friends, however, I encourage you to stay connected safely. Let’s all take a little advice from Kelly Anthony in the Peoplefirst video shared this past Monday. Small gestures express our big hearts.

Stay safe and well.





 Brian Johnson, CEO