Employee Update #5 Re: COVID-19

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As we try to find a consistent routine in these unprecedented days, we’ve had a week (maybe even a day) go by that hasn’t brought major changes to how we are getting things done. We are experiencing something new every day, and our customers—and hopefully new customers—are reaching out knowing Choice is a leader in being aggressive in doing our best for our customers and communities.

These conversations haven’t been easy as people’s lives have been turned upside down. The silver lining is how people are coming together to support each other. I am honored to be surrounded by employees who have the grace and understanding to see our communities through this tough time. I hope that each of you can find solace that we work at an organization that doesn’t just have to sit back and watch, we can help. Every one of us, directly or indirectly, whether your administering loans, processing transactions or sending out that latest expense report, is important as it takes all of us doing what we do to provide what is a #PeopleFirst experience during these difficult times.

We are fortunate to work for a financially solid organization. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t affected by these events, but we are confident that we will weather this storm and still be strong and well-positioned for the future.  We are committed to our employees, customers, and communities and believe that these folks can count on us to exemplify leadership with the hard work that has been put in by our team to get us built up for times like this.

The goals of our Pandemic Team throughout this time are to do our best to keep our team safe while still helping our customers and communities with a #PeopleFirst approach.  We want to do our part to minimize the spread, and have gone to great lengths to try to do our part in changing our business in terms of how we communicate and operate while getting the job done.

I know that many of you will also be placed in personally challenging situations. Your loved ones, your parents, spouses, children and friends may be faced with furloughs, layoffs and God forbid, even illness. Please know that you are in my family’s thoughts and prayers. Social distancing can feel like it is restricting us from spending time together, but I ask that you don’t hold back from reaching out to your supervisors and especially HR when faced with these difficult times.

Our HR team has put together resources for you to access when dealing with these difficult situations. Please share this website with anyone, customers included, who need a place to start when understanding the resources that are being provided by both your local communities and government.

COVID-19 Resources

I’ve heard many stories of how some of you have tried to adjust to what is our current normal.  From virtual birthday parties for your kids, to card games and board games at home, to having time to have conversations with family that our past busy lives may have kept us from doing.

So with Easter coming up soon, and what would be graduation season in May, I hope you make the effort to be creative in ways to celebrate significant dates and events that still will take place, although you might have to find a different way to make them happen.  Try to do it with a focus on what we do have and to celebrate and why life is still good.  We still need to smile and laugh through these challenging times.

Thank you again for your commitment and teamwork.  You are part of a strong, committed team that can rely on its great culture.  Thank you for that, it is appreciated.





 Brian Johnson, CEO