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Dressing The Part

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When was the last time you took a moment to thank or appreciate a farmer? In Steele, to celebrate National Ag Week, Commercial Loan Operations Specialist Kris Stroh and Senior Frontline Specialist Renae Kennedy decided to do just that. They coordinated with ag bankers and insurance team members to visit local elementary schools to teach the kids about farming and agriculture.


When at the last minute, one of the volunteers couldn’t make it, Renae thought fast and decided to ask team member Robin Rewald if she could fill in. She knew that with Robin’s farming background, she’d be able to provide some education about farming to the area school kids and show them what it’s like to be a real farmer. “I didn’t know if she would do it, but I was banking on her saying yes!” Renae quipped.


Despite the fact that the presentation was the next day, Robin was more than happy to step in. She quickly assembled some information on area farming, and came up with some questions for the kids to make her presentation more interactive. She even surprised everyone by showing up the next day dressed as a farmer – overalls, plaid shirt, hat, and all!


The students were impressed with Robin, but she was impressed with them too.  She tried to stump them with a silly trivia question by asking if anyone knew what was not allowed to be used to plow a field in North Carolina. One little boy immediately shouted out the correct answer, “An elephant!”


Robin’s message of the importance and value of farming came full circle, when at the end of her presentation a little girl named Nevaeh asked a simple question. “Are you really a farmer?”


“Yes I am.” said Robin proudly. And with that, the girl surprised Robin with a big hug, and equally big “Thank you!”  After that, the other kids lined up to give Robin a hug. Inspired by her presentation, they all created colorful notes of gratitude to surprise farmers from their community.